Key Features:

  • Factoring solutions help bridge the cashflow gap by releasing up to 90% of an invoice’s value within 24 hours of it being issued.
  • Facilities can also include a sales ledger management service, which removes the burden of credit control from the business’s own resource.
  • Invoice factoring can also incorporate bad debt protection which safeguards against invoice non-payment.


Key Benefits:

  • Bridges the cashflow gap between paying suppliers and being paid by customers;
  • Credit control expertise helps improve invoice collection times and means staff can focus on core activities and securing new business.
  • More flexibility than bank loans and overdrafts as the funding grows in line with your sales ledger;
  • Credit protection safeguards against debtor insolvency and protracted default;
  • An improved cash position can help gain supplier discounts;
  • Facilities offered on a confidential basis.


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