Key Features:

  • When searching for ways to finance your business, the answer often lies within your company’s balance sheet, where funds are tied up in a range of assets.  Facilities such as asset based lending enable your business to release this cash in order to fund expansion or simple meet day to day cashflow requirements;
  • With invoice financing at its core – which advances funding against your sales ledger – asset based lending gives businesses the ability to unlock additional funding against the value of assets, including plant & machinery, stock and property;
  • This is an ideal solution for more established businesses wanting to finance growth – eg via management buy-outs, management buy-ins, mergers and acquisitions as well as thoe who are refinancing.


Key Benefits:

  • Asset based lending is more flexible than overdrafts or loans as the funding is secured against the value of your assets;
  • Funding can be used for a range of different purposes, whether to improve cashflow, fund expansion or even fund mergers, acquisitions, management buy-outs and management buy-ins;
  • Debtor protection can be secured to help safeguard the business against bad debts;
  • Reduces the administrative burden of securing separate asset based finance facilities, due to there being only one point of contract;
  • Facilities grow in line with your business.


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