Key Features:

  • Invoicing discounting releases funding against the value of invoices to bridge the cashflow gap arising from trading on credit terms;
  • Up to 90% of the invoice value is advanced by the invoice discounting company within just 24 hours of it being issued.  This enables your business to trade with confidence and meet day to day commitments.
  • Facilities can incorporate bad debt protection if required.


Key Benefits:

  • Bridges the cashflow gap between receiving customer payments and paying suppliers;
  • You keep your credit control function in-house, enabling you to build on customer relationships;
  • Confidentiality means the invoice discounting company’s involvement is not visible to your customers;
  • Credit protection can be incorporated to safeguard cashflow against the threat of protracted default and debtor insolvency;
  • The funding available grows in line with your business;
  • Access to cash can help you secure early settlement discounts with suppliers.


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