A commercial mortgage is simply a mortgage with which a company or an individual can purchase a business property, either for their own use or to lease to a third party.  With this type of commercial loan, the mortgage provider retains a legal claim over the property until the loan has been paid back.


Commercial mortgages can be obtained to facilitate the purchase of a wide variety of business properties, including:

  • Farms and other agricultural properties
  • Land for development
  • Pubs, hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfast establishments
  • Restaurants and fast food outlets
  • General industrial properties, including warehouses and factory units
  • Office accommodation
  • Retail units
  • Commercial buy to let properties


A commercial mortgage can also be used for the development or refinancing of an existing business; for example:


  • Expansion or refurbishment of a business property
  • Buying out a partner’s share of a business property
  • Current tenant purchasing the freehold of a business property
  • Consolidation of existing loans at a lower rate of interest


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